Lyra Theater exists to launch the next generation of theater artists onto the American stage. As a constellation of artists, we strive to build a creative home for emerging theater makers in New York City and to pay our artists for their valuable work. Through our productions, workshops, and open-submission policy, Lyra creates theater that aims to challenge audiences, build communities, reflect the diversity of our world, and investigate what it means to be a citizen of the 21st century.

 Lyra Theater is a producing theater company that aims to empower the next generation of theater artists to find their own voices and share their work with the public. We shine a light on early-career storytellers, emboldening them to take risks while paying them to do so. As a collective of artists, we encourage an intersection of ideas, stories, and experiences across New York's different creative communities.


We seek to break the perpetual cycle of new play and musical development by giving emerging artists extended workshop periods to explore and stage their work. We aim to further democratize the development process by opening up our initiatives to up-and-coming and under-represented voices. Across all our programs, we actively strive to create theater that reflects the diversity of the world in which we live. 


 Lyra does not have a resident company, but rather consists of a constellation of artists who reconfigure from project to project. As an artists' theater, we place special emphasis on dynamic rehearsals, collaborative design, and inclusivity throughout our creative process. We believe that theater can teach empathy, inspire action, change perspectives, and transform lives. Consequently, Lyra’s artists serve as advocates for the theater as a fundamental cultural force that has the capacity to frame the way we think about the world.




Hope Chavez


Kyle Michael Yoder